Indian History – Early ages

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The Curse of Timur


Taimur or Timur or Tamerlane was a 14th century conqueror who was a ruthless and cruel ruler. He was a Timurid Mongol ruler who caused heavy destruction across central asia and Europe. An estimate says he killed 17 million lives to establish his empire. He had killed 1 lakh Delhi commoners on a single day.

His empire included Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russia. He attacked China too which could not be completed because of his death at age of 68 in 1405.

Timur’s tomb is named “Gur E Amir” and situated in Samrakand, Uzbekistan. Timur’s tomb has a writing which says that “When I rise from dead the world shall tremble”.

Timur’s tomb was ordered to be opened by Russian leader Stalin in 1941. Mikhail Gerasimov a world famous anthropologist was assigned with this task. A few muslim elders and clergy warned Stalin and Mikhail of the curse of Timurs tomb. The threat was ignored and the tomb was opened. The remains of Timur was sent to Moscow. Mikhail also reconstructed Taimurs face from the skull.

The elders had warned that the curse will come into effect within three days of opening the tomb. This proved right too. The tomb was opened on 20th June 1941 and Nazi Germany under Hitler attacked Russia on 22nd June 1941.

After numerous defeats at hand of Allied forces Stalin ordered the remains of Taimur to be sent back to the tomb. This was done on 20th December 1942. Shortly after Taimurs full Islamic burials with honor the Soviet army defeated German Nazis in Battle of Stalingrad. This battle cost soviets more than 1 million soldiers and 40,000 civilians.


Timur Chronicle – The ant and Timur Lane

Timur Lane or Temur was the founder of Timurid Dynasty.

Once Timur Lane was defeated in a war and to save his life ran to a deserted place and hid himself in a cave. Few days passed, he only went out when he wanted to drink or eat something. As he was sitting there he got frustrated and bored of his life and started observing the things around him. In the cave where he had rested was an ant, it was taking a small grain of rice bigger than its own body and trying to climb the wall of the cave. As it moved up the grain fell down as it was heavy and the wall erect and the ant came back down picked up the grain of rice and climbed up again. The grain of rice fell after sometime and the ant started to climb down to pick up the grain. Timur lane who had no other work sat counting the number of times the ant attempted to climb the wall with the grain. Thirty three times the grain fell down and the ant came down and picked the grain and went up the wall. Finally after thirty third time, the ant succeeded.

Timur Lane who was sitting depressed and upset at losing the war and his kingdom was astonished. He immediately got up and left the cave and went in search of his generals and army. He gathered his army planned and prepared to attack his enemy and after a few months he went to war and won against his enemies. Thus and ant inspired a defeated King to try and win his kingdom back again.